Brought to you by Tabular Tools, DAX Optimizer is our straightforward solution for fine-tuning your data models. It's all about making your Power BI experience faster and more efficient, without the fuss. Simple to use but powerful in performance — that's what we stand for.

The idea comes up

We wonder, what if there was an automated optimization service for Analysis Services models?

VertiPaq Analyzer v1

We create VertiPaq Analyzer to extract statistical data from semantic models. This is the foundation of DAX Optimizer.

Advanced DAX parser for Tabular Editor v3

Daniel Otykier starts the development of an advanced DAX parser for Tabular Editor v3 - this will become an essential part of DAX Optimizer.

DAX Optimizer working proof of concept
DAX Optimizer beta
DAX Optimizer v1

A Little History

The blueprint for DAX Optimizer was first drafted in 2014, envisaging a tool that would streamline and elevate the efficiency of DAX in data models. With the advent of Power BI Desktop in July 2015, the potential for such a tool grew clearer, and by December, the first building block was placed with the launch of VertiPaq Analyzer 1.0, enabling a deep dive into Tabular model statistics.

Our commitment to a robust foundation led to the creation of on an advanced DAX parser in 2019, another integral layer destined to enhance Tabular Editor v3, launched in 2021. This advanced parser, together with the insights from VertiPaq Analyzer, became the core of what would soon be DAX Optimizer.

Tabular Tools was established in 2023 as the overarching entity uniting these components. The beta release of DAX Optimizer that same year allowed us to refine our offering.

In 2024, we proudly present DAX Optimizer v1 — an innovative tool to catch DAX issues before they become problems. Read More on Tabular Tools Blog

Two Brands, One Vision

Tabular Tools, the creative force behind DAX Optimizer, represents a pioneering collaboration between two very well-known companies: SQLBI and Tabular Editor.

Our Values

Our Team

Meet the people behind DAX Optimizer.