Designed for

BI Developers

DAX Optimizer is tailored to help BI Developers tackle performance issues head-on. Use our tool to analyze your models, identify inefficiencies, and implement solutions. By integrating DAX Optimizer into your workflow, you'll enhance the performance and reliability of your Power BI reports.

Effective Problem-Solving

  • Precise Diagnostics
    Quickly pinpoint the source of any performance issues within your BI models, from DAX calculations to data model structure. Learn More
  • Actionable Insights
    Receive clear, actionable recommendations to resolve identified issues, optimizing reports performance.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Even after resolving immediate issues, DAX Optimizer helps you proactively monitor your measures, ensuring ongoing optimization. Learn More

“I have finally got chance to using the tool and just wanted to say a big thank you as within a few hours I was able to resolve the performance issues I was experiencing with my model.

Even though I have limited DAX knowledge, the knowledge base articles were incredibly helpful in guiding me as to how I could improve the DAX.”

Steve B., Power BI Developer

Fixing Problems is just the Beginning

While DAX Optimizer excels at resolving model issues, understanding the why and how behind these problems is key to avoiding them in the future. Enhancing your DAX knowledge is essential, and SQLBI offers comprehensive courses — Mastering DAX and Optimizing DAX — that are widely regarded as some of the best DAX learning tools available. Learn more on
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