Announcing the DAX Optimizer general availability

We are proud to announce the DAX Optimizer is generally available!

Supporting obfuscation in DAX Optimizer

DAX Optimizer now supports obfuscated VPAX files, enabling increased security over model metadata.

Presenting DAX Optimizer at the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference

Come meet us in person for the launch of DAX Optimizer in Las Vegas!

Introducing Groups in DAX Optimizer

You can share models and licenses with all team members with the new Groups feature in DAX Optimizer.

Analyzing calculation groups with DAX Optimizer

Define measures with an equivalent query plan.

Where is my data?

A deep dive into DAX Optimizer’s data handling process.

Announcing the public preview of DAX Optimizer

No more waitlist. Everyone can create an account!

Samples for DAX Optimizer are now available

We just released sample data to test DAX Optimizer for free!

Removing issues categorization in DAX Optimizer

We just released an important change in the user interface of DAX Optimizer.

The pricing of DAX Optimizer

Value for money.

Under the hood of DAX Optimizer

Reveal the magician’s tricks without telling everything.

The research phase: laying the groundwork for DAX Optimizer

The blood, sweat, and code that went into turning this idea into reality.

The inspiration behind DAX Optimizer

How we started the DAX Optimizer journey.

Introducing DAX Optimizer

Find and remove performance bottlenecks in your DAX measures.