DAX Optimizer is an integral part of your data modeling process, seamlessly fitting into your workflow. It's not just a reactive tool for when issues arise; it's proactive, enhancing every step from drafting to deployment.

Transition Smoothly from Development to Production

Analyze with DAX Optimizer
Fix Issues
Verify with DAX Optimizer

Your workflow is crucial. You craft and refine your models, and when they move to production, they should function flawlessly. DAX Optimizer integrates into this lifecycle, checking and affirming that your models are not just built, but built right. Before deployment, let DAX Optimizer be the gatekeeper, ensuring your models are up to par.

Who is confirming that your models are adhering to best practices? Who ensures that DAX measures are accurate and efficient?

Insert DAX Optimizer into your process and make these questions a thing of the past. It’s the bridge between development and production that catches issues before they become problems.

Coming Soon

CI/CD Automation

Imagine an automated DevOps pipeline or GitHub action where DAX Optimizer works behind the scenes. That's the future we are building towards — a version of our tool that integrates into your CI/CD pipelines to automatically check and optimize your models. It's about making your workflow smarter, not harder.