Privacy is important. For this reason we have engineered our service to handle your data with the utmost confidentiality. Users have the option to send anonymized data, ensuring personal and sensitive information remains secure. You also have the power to choose where your data resides when it's being analyzed.

Your Data is Yours

DAX Optimizer respects your data sovereignty. Our system is designed to work with obfuscated data, maintaining the integrity of your information. You can obfuscate your VPAX file, submit it for analysis, and receive a comprehensive report without compromising sensitive data.

For details on the obfuscation process, we provide an open source command-line tool and a library that will be included soon in your preferred BI tools (such as Tabular Editor, Bravo, and DAX Studio).

For more info, see our documentation.

Obfuscate your VPAX with:

VPAX Obfuscator

Open Source - MIT License

Bravo v1.1+

Open Source - MIT License
Available Soon

Your Data, within a Single Region

We understand the significance of data residency. DAX Optimizer empowers you to select the physical location of your data storage, providing assurance that your data will not be moved without your consent.

As we evolve, we are open to adding more regions and even offer custom location services for specialized needs. For inquiries about specific data residency requirements, reach out to us directly at