DAX Optimizer outshines both ChatGPT 4 and Copilot for Power BI with its comprehensive feature set aimed at improving and optimizing DAX measures in semantic models.

Head-to-head comparison:
 Feature ChatGPT 4 Copilot for Power BI
(3) (4)
We keep this comparison chart updated with the features released or at least announced and in private preview. We do not include features that have been announced without a release date within 30 days or that cannot be tested.

DAX Optimizer offers a comprehensive suite of features for DAX code analysis and optimization, including unique capabilities such as issue identification with prioritization, comprehensive model analysis, actionable code change suggestions with examples, and extensive tracking and history of resolved issues. Unlike ChatGPT, which provides partial support, and Copilot for Power BI, which lacks many of these features, DAX Optimizer also excels in collaboration and sharing capabilities, allowing group license sharing at the same price and supporting advanced analysis features like tracking measures optimized over different model versions.

Additionally, it is the only option among the three that offers control over the cloud service region and the ability to send obfuscated data to the cloud for enhanced security, positioning DAX Optimizer as the superior choice for users aiming to maximize their DAX code performance and collaboration efficiency.